Tuesday, September 20, 2011

An unconventional way of curing chapped lips

Let your bum crack heal your lip cracks. Yes, what you’re about to read is not a belated April
fool joke. It’s 100% true and 100% effective.

Chapped lips don’t go well with a happy smile. The reasons vary from skin diseases, allergies,
dehydration, variation in atmospheric humidity, smoking, alcohol….the list is endless. The
treatment options however are very few. You could try some lip balm, herbal extracts, petroleum
jelly, glycerin, herbal oils etc. – All of which are ineffective after a couple of minutes or hours.
The irony is that all of these treatment options try to keep your lips wet and moisturized, but
what happens when you sip, lick, drink or just loose the moisture to air? Licking and re-licking
becomes the only choice.

Stop licking and being the “animated” icon of The Rolling Stones and get rid of chapped lips
forever in just a few easy steps.

How Can Bum Cracks Cure Lip Cracks?

The human body has a complex system of chakras or chi which are energy centers and converge
with the nerve centers. They function like receivers and transmitters of various forms of
energy. There are 108 such chakras out of which 7 are of prime importance in sustenance and
development of various parts of the body.

The Swadhishthana Chakra is based just above the sex organs. A line drawn from it would
intersect the starting point of the bum crack/spine end at 90 degrees. This has a major role to
play in keeping different parts of the body in proper shape. There’s also the Agya Chakra and
Anahata Chakra at the center of the eyebrows and the heart respectively. All you need to do is
activate this energy centers.

How to do it?

Take a drop of oil (any body oil) and gently message the center of the eye brows, on or near the
heart and end of the spine or beginning of the bum crack with a single finger tip for a couple of
seconds at each place. It might seem difficult to be able to find the right place near the heart.
In that case you could imagine yourself to be a woman (if not already one) and message at the
starting point of the cleavage/imaginary cleavage. That should be a lot easier.

Message the starting point of the cleavage

You’d never require a lip balm in your life if you practice this everyday in the morning.
Messaging these areas would rejuvenate the chi or chakra s and would also help you tone up
your immune system and vital organs. It hardly takes a minute to complete the whole process.

Do not overdo it. This might cause complications because in a normal human body these energy
centers remain mostly inactive and the body might respond irrationally if this is overdone.

More information on chakras at http://yoga108.org/pages/show/132-swadhishthana-chakra-

If you have a serious disorder that causes your lips to bleed you should a doctor first.


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