Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Diet that can reduce PMS symptoms

PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome is often the subject matter of a lively and sometimes funny
discussion for teens over a cup of coffee. PMS is however not a funny thing and people with
PMS symptoms often have to miss work and other important activities owing to PMS symptoms.
PMS symptoms reportedly seem to bother almost 10% women. Though PMS symptoms seem
to bother a big chunk of the population, science has so far been not able to cure PMS symptoms
with the twist and turn of a magic wand – at least not all symptoms at the same shot. If you are
desperately looking for help to get rid of PMS symptoms, you should probably check out the
local grocery store. That will probably solve problems better than a chemist.

The golden rule is to cut out on high sugar content food. Eat low glycemic value food to get rid
of the pain associated with PMS symptoms. Whole grains and fresh produce ensure that there is
no surge in sugar levels. High glycemic value foods have a tendency to bring about fluctuations
in blood sugar levels. So, lower the blood sugar levels lower are the PMS symptoms.

More of calcium and vitamins can contribute towards reducing PMS symptoms. It has been
clinically proven that vitamin D and calcium have a positive role in bringing down PMS
symptoms. It is however always advisable to consult your doctor before you start taking
supplements. You can also take more of sun and dairy products to minimize PMS symptoms and
maximize Vitamins and Calcium.

One of the major aspects of PMS symptoms is bloating. Avoid sodium salt intake to avoid that.

If you are suffering from PMS symptoms, you have to be prepared to sacrifice on a lot of things.

Caffeine is one such thing. Though caffeine has not been proven to be a culprit by medical
science, many women suffering from PMS symptoms have complained that more of caffeine
seemed to aggravate PMS symptoms. Evidence can be witnessed by you also. Just cut out on
caffeine laden foods from the week prior to your menses and see for yourself the reduction in
PMS symptoms.

Alcohol seems to be a culprit that contributes towards n-number of diseases. Well, if you want to
cut out on PMS symptoms, then cut out alcohol as well.

Eat less and eat often. This has a big contribution towards reducing PMS symptoms. If you take
six meals instead of three, you can not only bring down the chances of surges in blood sugar
level but also monitor as to what food item causes more discomfort.

Nuts, Black beans, cooked spinach…well; this is not the list of food items that you would prefer
to avoid, but the one that can considerably reduce PMS symptoms. It has been proven medically
that magnesium rich diets can considerably bring down PMS symptoms and these are some of
the food items rich in magnesium content.


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